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Current Versions

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Car Trak

Current Version : 4.11

For Windows operating system (WinXP & higher)
· Personal Edition: $25.00 (5 vehicles max.) ·
· Commercial Edition: $50.00 (Unlimited vehicles) ·

(Click here for multi-user/site pricing)
Important Notice for pre-v4.8 users:  If you want to install the new 'Move Data Files' utility (added in v4.8) please download and run the FULL setup program. (That new utility and ancillary files are not included in the 'upgrade patch' program.)

Program Description:
Car Trakô is a Windows® application that tracks automotive vehicle mileage, maintenance, expenses, and fuel economy (MPG, L/100km | KPL, or MPL).  It provides the "average" person with an easy to use interface and presents a full analysis of Fuel, Maintenance, Repairs, and Other expenses in a concise "summary" fashion, while keeping the full "detail" entries always available for examination or edits (if necessary).   In other words ... you don't have to be a professional "Fleet Manager" to use and understand Car Trak and its reports!
The program is available in two "flavors" --- the Personal Edition includes all features & functions but is limted to five (5) vehicles maximum, while the Commercial Edition offers an unlimited number of vehicles and reduced pricing for additional multi-user licenses. Some of the major features include:
  • Options to use U.S. (miles, gallons, MPG) ·OR· Metric (kilometers, liters, L/100km or, optionally, Km per Liter) ·OR· U.K. (miles, liters, miles per liter) measurements.
  • You can enter as much or as little as you want in order to track the "categories" that interest you. (For example, if you're only interested in tracking your fuel economy and expenses you can ignore the other categories and their corresponding functions.)
  • Any data displayed in the various 'data grids' can be exported to a tab-delimited text file for later import into a spreadsheet or other 3rd party applications.
  • You can easily switch between vehicles in the Car Trak system using a convenient drop-down listing.
  • The program's Summary tab folder will furnish you with a "snapshot" of your current expenses to date, along with key calculated and "comparative" fields which help you determine if your vehicle is developing a problem or needs service.
  • Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections, as well as user-defined Inspection Groups, can be set up for each vehicle in the system.   Once set up the next due and last performed information will be automatically maintained by the program, allowing you to print a Scheduled Maintenance Due report (or a Work Order for your mechanic) whenever you wish. *Scheduled maintenance can be set up and tracked using any combination of dates, odometer, and/or engine hours.
  • The Fuel Log tab folder not only displays your individual data entry "detail" but also calculates the distance driven since the previous Fuel entry, cost per gallon/liter, and miles per gallon (or L/100km or KPL or MPL) for each item entered.  Additionally, a line (or bar) graph plotting the MPGs (or L/100kms or KPLs or MPLs) for the last 10 fillups is displayed.
  • The Repairs/Other tab rounds out the "categories," allowing entry of non-scheduled services/repairs and miscellaneous items. Version 4 adds the ability to create your own user-defined categories as a 'sub-set' of the built-in Other category, along with the option to include (or exclude) invidual expense items in the calculated Total Operating Cost for a vehicle.
  • Maintenance/Inspection expense entries are simplified by letting you add the respective service items performed from a listing of the vehicle's "scheduled" items.  (You can manually add a "non-scheduled" item if necessary.)
  • Reports include Scheduled Maintenance Due (as a report or 'work order), Scheduled Maintenance List, Fuel Log/Expense, Fuel Log Summary, Fuel Log Summary by Fuel Type, Fuel Log Summary by Month/Year, Service Log/Expense, Service Log Summary by Month/Year, Total Expense Summary, Total Expense Summary by Month/Year, Vehicle Listing, and Vehicle Statistics & Summary. New reports in version 4 include a Fuel Cost Graph and a Fuel Economy Graph.
  • Full print preview with user-selectable report styles, fonts, and colors. ALL reports can be output to the printer or saved to an HTML file.
  • A Custom Report function allows you to design your own 'search criteria' to view (and optionally print) only the data you want to see. These custom report 'definitions' can now be saved for re-use at a later time (good for 'recurring' type reports).
  • To help you review the various features/functions of the program a Sample Vehicle File is included.
  • Context-sensitive Help is always available.
  • Major Version registration license remains valid for all minor upgrade releases (4.1, 4.2, 4.3 etc)... see our upgrade policy on the Home page.

MINIMUM System Requirements:
  • Windows XP or higher operating system (32-bit or 64-bit). (Will NOT run under Windows RT system!)
  • Pentium (or comparable) CPU (266 MHz for satisfactory performance)
  • 128MB of physical/installed memory (256MB highly recommended for satisfactory performance)
  • SVGA monitor with a minimum 800x600 display resolution AND 16-bit (or better) 'color depth' setting
  • Hard disk drive with 4.3MB of available space for installation
  • Windows compatible printer for 'hard copy' reports

Additional multi-user (site license) pricing:
Multi-user licenses are available only for the Commercial Edition at $25.00 for each additional workstation/user after the 'initial' license registration. These discounted licenses MUST be ordered in conjuction with your initial license order ... they are not available 'individually' as an add-on after your order has been processed!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 'multi-user license' prices can be obtained ONLY by using the 'Mail Order' form on this site or the Registration-Order Form included with your installed program ... they cannot be ordered online or by telephone order.
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System Requirements


What's New
v4.11 (Nov 25, 2012) -
[1] program will now retrieve and use an 'acceptable' CUSTOM date format; [2] edits to older Maintenance entries wll no longer overwrite more current Schheduled Maintenance 'Last Performed' values.
v4.10 (Jul 18, 2012) -
corrected a miscalculation of the Avg. Cost/Liter field on the 'Fuel Log Summary by Fuel Type' report WHEN using Metric Measurements & the system's number/ currency settings do NOT use a period (.) as the decimal separator.
v4.9.1 (Apr 30, 2012) -
corrected a possible memory access error when saving records containing amounts greater than 100k.
v4.9 (Apr 20, 2012) -
[1] corrected a miscalculation of the Metric measurement's L/100km Overall figure on the Summary tab; [2] improved the window resizing routines to prevent possible 'clipping' of labels under Win Vista & Win7 sytems.
v4.8 (Aug 20, 2011) -
[1] corrected an intermittent problem with the data grids when the main window was resized;  [2] NEW - added a utility program to allow easy relocation of the vehicle data files, automatically updating the CarTrak.ini file's settings for such a move.
v4.7 (Mar 25, 2010) -
[1] corrected a possible problem when saving an edited date entry using the pop-up calendar;  [2] NEW - added ability to define a default path and filename for backup files created by the Backup/Restore Utility;  [3] added option to automatically append the current date to a backup file's name
v4.6 (Dec 16, 2009) -
[1] added code to prevent a 'crash' in the MPG Graph when Fuel entries contain large mileage or date 'gaps';  [2] upgraded SQLite3.dll to overcome problem caused by NIS 2010;  [3] minor 'tweaks' for Win7 O/S
v4.5 (Aug 15, 2009) -
[1] now handles a Windows system 'Short Date' format that contains a text month descriptor (e.g.: 31-Jul-2009);  [2] improves screen 'readability' for systems using unusual color schemes/themes;  [3] includes minor bug-fixes and tweaks to data input routines
v4.4.1 (Jun 1, 2009) -
corrects a VERY rare problem where the program's reports fail to display properly in the Report Preview window.
v4.4 (Jan 18, 2009) -
[1] NEW - option to manually locate a 'missing' data file for a vehicle already shown in the Vehicle listing; [2] NEW - double-clicking on Summary data grid entry will automatically invoke 'Edit' mode for that entry.
v4.3 (Sep 24, 2008) -
[1] corrects a 'floating' Engine Hours field problem when main window is resized; [2] corrects a possible crash while formatting the Print Preview of a Custom Report.
v4.2 (Jul 14, 2008) -
[1] corrects a possible 'infinite loop' that might occur when leaving the Provider field with any action other than the Enter key;  [2] corrects a possible 'truncation' of large numbers at the thousands digits on some built-in reports.
v4.1.3 (May 30, 2008) - corrects a possible Unable to locate data record #0 message (only appears in a very specific circumstance) on initial load of a Vehicle file.
v4.1.2 (May 14, 2008) - minor bug fix
v4.1 (May 6, 2008) - [1] corrects an erroneous 'odometer out-of-sequence' pop-up message on new expense entries; [2] corrects an intermittent program crash after saving a new expense entry; [3] corrects a possible crash in the 'Reports' function when only ONE fuel entry has been recorded; [4] the 'Next Due' calculation in the Maint. Status form has been 'tweaked' for accuracy; [5] NEW - user can now select the font to be used in the main window's data grids' display.

Version 4 incorporates many new features that were not present in v3:
'Metric' users can choose to have their Fuel Economy calculated for Liters per 100km -OR- Kilometers per Liter.
∑ You can now define your own expense 'categories' as a sub-set of the master Other expense category.
∑ You can now exclude individual Other expense entries (including your User-defined Categories) from a vehicle's calculated 'Total Operating Costs'
∑ A digital picture can be assigned to each vehicle, which will then be displayed within the main data form.
∑ The Last 10 Fillups graph that appears on the Fuel Log tab can be optionally displayed as a BAR graph, AND you can choose to dispay a Mean Average line on this graph (line OR bar).
∑ A Print the Graph button has been added to the Fuel Log tab (just below the Fuel Economy graph), allowing you to to produce a hard-copy printout of that graph (when needed).
∑ You can also print a line or bar graph of Fuel Cost per Gallon/Liter or Fuel Economy (MPG, L/100km, KPL, or MPL) for ALL or selected fuel data in file.
∑ You can now save a Custom Report's defined record selection criteria for future re-use. Also included is the ability to re-sort the selected records on the various data columns shown.
∑ You can choose the highlight colors to be used for the various expense items appearing in the Summary data grid (or optionally turn off the 'highlighting' completely).
∑ Many minor improvements have been made to existing program functions (based mostly on suggestions received from existing users).


Customer Comments
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