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Current Versions

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Lender's ToolBox

Current Version : 10.9

For Windows operating system (Win XP & higher)
· Registration fee: $45.00 (single license) ·
(Click here for volume discount pricing)

Program Description:
The Lender's ToolBox™ includes the most essential tools needed by every lender (or borrower, for that matter).  A versatile Amortization program that not only computes and prints the "normal" monthly P&I schedules but also allows fixed principal payments plus accrued interest.  On-screen options allow you to also produce "balloon" (lump sum) payment schedules whenever desired.  Use the included Loan Calculator for quick "what if" scenarios to properly structure any loan request.  Some of the major features include:
  • Amortize loans (up to 999 million) using weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments. For Canadian Mortgage calculations you can also choose 'Accelerated' weekly or bi-weekly payments. (Numbers & dates will be displayed/printed using your system's Regional Settings, allowing proper 'formatting' for non-U.S. users.)
  • Calculate interest using a 'standard' fixed rate or the variable rate option. When a variable rate interest rate type is selected you can optionally project a "worst-case" interest rate scenario for the computed Amortization Schedule!
  • Calculate interest using equal 30 day months (360/360 accrual basis) or exact days between dates (choose between a 365/365 or 365/360 exact days basis). Canadian Mortgage calculations (360/360 with semi-annual compounding) are also supported.
  • Include odd days to first payment (positive or negative) when using equal 30 day month calculations.
  • Include payments for Insurance, Taxes, and Other escrow amounts in the computed schedule ... the periodic payment will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Include "interest free" or "interest only" payments at the beginning of the scheduled term. (You can even instruct the program to 'equalize' the calculated payment amount for loans containing interest free payments or extend the scheduled term for loans containing interest only payments!)
  • The final scheduled payment can be either a normal or a balloon (lump sum) payment.
  • You can easily "modify" the standard schedule to include rate changes, lump-sum or additional payments, reduced/increased principal payments, etc.
  • Print your company name as a page footer on every Amortization schedule (can be turned off, if you prefer).
  • Print the sequential payment number next to each payment due date as well as annual totals (calendar -OR- fiscal year) ... both are optional with each schedule produced.
  • Full print preview with four report styles, user-selectable fonts, and user-selectable paper sizes. You can even include 'custom' text in your Amortization Schedule's 'header' section.
  • Print customized payment coupons for any Amortization Schedule and easily collate them into a "payment booklet" for your borrowers.
  • Save any of your reports to an HTML or PDF file for viewing or printing in a word processor, browser, or PDF viewer, and you can also export the Amortization Schedule grid's values to a tab-delimited text file for import into a spreadsheet application.
  • You can set your preferred program & Amortization Schedule defaults to speed data entry and avoid input errors. (Defaults can be overridden when necessary on individual schedules).
  • Copy that "perfect" loan scenario from the Loan Calculator to the Amortization Schedule form with the click of a button. Or use the included Refinancing Breakeven Calculator to determine the cost/benefits of a refinance package.
  • Context-sensitive Help is always available with the F1 key, along with pop-up "What's This?" help on many of the program's "child" forms.
  • Your Major Version registration (license) remains valid (and free) for all minor upgrade releases (10.1, 10.2, etc).

MINIMUM System Requirements:
  • Windows XP or higher operating system (32-bit or 64-bit). (Will NOT run under Windows RT system!)
  • Pentium II-class (or comparable) processor
  • 128MB of physical memory (256MB recommended for satisfactory performance)
  • SVGA monitor @ 800x600 resolution or higher (16-bit or better 'color depth' setting)
  • Hard disk drive with 3.0MB of available space for installation
  • Windows compatible printer for "hard copy" reports
  • Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, or other "PDF" files viewer (required for viewing/printing the Payment Coupons only ... optional for other reports)

Volume Discount Pricing:
Additional licenses are available at $20.00 for each user/workstation after the initial license. These discounted licenses MUST be ordered in conjuction with your initial license order ... they are not available 'individually' as an add-on after your order has been processed!
IMPORTANT NOTE: The 'additional license' prices can be obtained ONLY by using the 'Mail Order' form on this site or the Registration-Order Form included with your installed program ... they cannot be ordered online or by telephone order.
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System Requirements


What's New
v10.9 (May 20, 2013) -
corrects an intermittent problem when attempting to save changed default comments on the Program Preferences form.
v10.8 (Nov 26, 2012) -
the program will now retrieve and use an 'acceptable' CUSTOM date format.
v10.7 (Mar 17, 2012) -
[1] adds ability to enter negative amounts (payments) into the Amortization grid and the 'Insert Payment' window; [2] allows correct conversion of negative amounts in a saved file when using the File Conversion Utility.
v10.6 (Jan 15, 2012) -
[1] corrects a possible problem when printing Payment Coupons with a 'fixed amount' Late Fee charge;  [2] improved formatting of PDF Amortization Schedule reports.
v10.5.1 (Apr 15, 2011) -
corrects a possible problem when the loan Rate equals zero.
v10.5 (Mar 1, 2011) -
corrects a problem when modifying the Date field of the FINAL payment in the Amortization grid.
v10.4 (Nov 18, 2010) -
refinements made to the 'rounding' algorithms to increase precision.
v10.3 (Aug 25, 2010) -
corrects a problem with annual sub-totals when the final year in the schedule contained only one payment.
v10.2 (Jun 10, 2010) -
[1] program now accepts loan amounts up to 999,999,999.00;  [2] improved 'rounding' of decimal amounts.
v10.1 (Feb 26, 2010) - corrects possible corruption of currency values when loading grid data from a saved file.
Version 10 incorporates new features that were not present in v9, as well as many improvements to existing functions:
· Version 10 is a MAJOR 'rewrite' of the program and is fully compatible with the Windows Vista & Windows 7 operating systems while maintaining backward compatibility with older WinXP systems).  And, as you may have already noticed, the disk space required for a full installation of version 10 is less than HALF that of previous versions!
· You can now select the font you want to use in the Amortization Schedule's data grid.
· A new Calculate Odd Days to first payment button has been added (to the right of the Odd days/1st pymt field) which, when clicked, will automatically calculate the appropriate number of 'odd days' for its corresponding field.
· The data file 'format' has been expanded & restructured to incorporate program changes and improvements requested by our existing users. (A File Conversion Utility is included to convert your existing (pre-version 10) data to the new file structure.)
· When modifying an existing Contract date or Payment frequency the program will not only attempt to calculate a new/corresponding First payment due date but will highlight that field (along with theOdd days/1st pymt field, if applicable) as a 'visual' reminder that you should check that data for accuracy before generating the schedule.
· Version 10 now offers you TWO print/print preview options:
(1) An internal 'HTML' format that is similar to that offered by your web browser (with 'WYSIWYG' real-time formatting), and
(2) An option to compose your reports in a PDF format, allowing you to view and print your reports from any PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, etc.).
· Any reports you generate using the Internal Format can be saved to an HTML file - with formatting intact - and later loaded into any modern Word Processor, browser, or other applications that offer 'hyper-text markup language' support.  Likewise, reports generated using the PDF format can be permanently saved to a PDF file from your PDF viewer.
· You can now set up your own default path and filename to be used for the program's Backup/ Restore Utility.  In addition, you can also easily append today's date to your backup file name by marking a checkbox now included on the Backup Data Files tab.


Customer Comments
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Copyright © 2013 by E. G. Collins
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